Product Strength

Balaji gems and jewels commands strength across all product categories in diamond studded jewelry. Be it a 1-gram light-weight ring or a 100-gram wedding necklace set – BGJ has it all.

Balaji Gems and Jewels specializes in affordable jewelry for the modern day women.

We also have an exclusive line focussing on light weight jewelry for men. Balaji gems and jewels being the world class innovater and manufacturer. our team adopts creativity and innovation as primary goal above all else.

Balaji gems and jewls has a strong and committed team od free hand and cad designers, headed by a strong head of product development.

Through deep market research and brainstorming we narrow down on current market gaps for its clientele.

Below are a few images of products manufactured at Balaji gems and jewels to give a glimpse of product categories previously supplied :

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